From 2 years old

  • The lotto game includes 4 boards and 24 wooden tokens on the themes of musicians and vehicles. Rules included.

Rule of the game:
You can play 2, 3 or 4 players.
Shuffle the cards after turning them face down on the table.
Then distribute the game boards according to the number of players.
- For 2 players: 2 boards per person
- For 3 players: 1 board each (the other is set aside)
- For 4 players: 1 board each
Then, choose a master of the game.
He draws a card and shows it to the others.
The player who has the corresponding card on his board takes it and places it on his board.
If no one claims the image, it is put back on the table.
The first one to finish his board (or his 2 boards) wins the game!