Difference between standards and recommended age.

  • The standards

All our items are tested with the European standards, the CE standard (European conformity) concretized by a logo that you will find on packaging:

Depending on the age classification of the toys, established by the EU, standards are applied. They concern physical parameters (sharp edge, flammability, small parts, etc.) and chemical parameters (paints, varnishes, materials, etc.). Toys are thus divided into 6 age groups for which the article is safe: all ages, +10 months, +12 months, +18 months, +24 months and not suitable for children under 3 years old, with the following logos:

These standards are therefore restrictive, i.e. an article with the logo not suitable for children under 3 years old must not be given to a younger child.

  • Recommended age

The recommended age has nothing to do with the standards. It is a buying or selling help which allows a choice more adapted to the real capacity of the child. For example, the multiplication table (#3865) will be recommended for a child of about 6 years old whereas it is normed " not suitable for children under 3 years old ". Thus you will find on our website the indications of both the standards, but also, the estimated age of destination (or recommended age) on each item sheet. Finally, please note that some items in our collection are considered as "decorative items" and not as toys. In this case, we consider this item as a "birth gift".